The University of Manchester IT Services mandates the installation of a VPN client if you want to connect to the University VPN network. The one that they recommend it the Cisco VPN client. For a while now I have been using a 64bit machine. From my experience, 64bit software fail to install and I end up going to the 32bit  software (I wonder if there any use for a 64bit machine).

Any how, After I attempted to install the VPN client I got the above error. So I download the 32bit version hoping that it will work, however, the 32bit installed did not even run.


So After much Googling around, it turned out that the error was coming because Windows 7 has a default for the maximum number of network filter drivers of 8. This number seems to be consumed because I was using Virtual-Host in my machine. The defualt value can by change by the following registry key:


The maximum that this value can be set to is 14.

After chaning the value, I tried to re-install the VPN client and , hooray !!!! It worked.



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